James & Lori

I'm finishing up the editing on James & Lori's wedding today. Then I've got to get my house packed b/c we move on Tuesday! Here are a few of my favorite images from James & Lori's wedding last weekend. Enjoy!



Wow! What a weekend I've had. I've been busy editing James & Lori's images from Saturday and Baby Tevyn's from Sunday morning. I still have A LOT of packing to do. We move in just 8 days...major! Here are some of Tevyn's images. I'll post some of the wedding photos soon. I got my SHOOTSAC, btw...yippie! Have a fabulous week. Peace.



My very own Shootsac...bought it yesterday! It's a camera bag but not just ANY camera bag. It's going to totally revolutionize the way I shoot. I can't remember the last time I was this stoked about something. This is better than Christmas!

Ham Family Park Session

I love this family! They are so laid back and super enjoyable to be around. I had fun with this session...especially being able to see Reese again. She used to come hang out with Ella & I while her Mommy worked. I've gotta say it was funny seeing that she still didn't have any hair (she's 1 1/2). I thought Ella was lacking in that department but Reese has way less hair and the hair she does have is super white. Love it! Her new little sister, Indie, sure is a cutie too. Enjoy!



I have improved my website dramatically....www.lezlieandrew.com. I'll be rotating out images regularly so check back often and let me know what you think.

James and Lori's wedding on Saturday...Portrait session Sunday...

We move two weeks from today!!! I probably won't upload any new pics until after we move. Well, maybe I will. ;)

Oh...I bought a shootsac (www.shootsac.com) today!!! I am so totally stoked about this.

Have a fantastic week! Peace.

These two images are from the Ham Family Park Session I shot on Sunday. I will post more from this session soon.


Lori's Bridals

I shot Lori's Bridals a couple of Saturdays ago. Lori looked absolutely gorgeous (love the dress!!!) and we had so much fun! She really worked the camera...I told her to practice her poses in the mirror ahead of time. ;) These are some of the more fun artsy images from her session. I'll be shooting her wedding on the 21st and I'm super stoked (second shooter is Courtney). She's so laidback...it's sure to be a very peaceful but super fun event!

As for an update on the house: As most of my clients know (the Brides anyway) I usually do consultations and meetings at Starbucks. As fun as this is (because we all know I LOVE my frappachinos) I have wanted to really "work out of my house" for real. I'm so very pleased to say that I will have a "studio" in the new house...a space where I can meet with potential Brides and my super awesome clients to talk about their sessions/events, view slideshows, go through proofs, place orders, etc... Once we get moved in and settled I'll post pictures of the space. Anyway, we close and move on the 31st! We're really excited but super busy and haven't even started packing...lol. I guess I should get on that! Peace.


Tim & Kelly Jo

I was the second shooter at a wedding with Courtney yesterday. Here are just a few images from that wedding & one of the oh so pregnant Courtney striking a pose for me. As you can see the wedding party got pretty crazy toward the end of the night. The bridesmaids decided to tie the groom up with their sashes...it was quite comical! Love.



I have a new website where my clients can view and purchase their prints. Check it out @ www.lezlieandrew.com. Feedback is always appreciated. I'll be changing and adding content regularly so check back often. Thanks for all of your continued support! Lots of love.