Honnah is getting married today!!! How excited she must be. She makes a gorgeous bride!

I shot Honnah's bridals last week...in the rain. Haha. It was quite an adventure and Honnah was such a great sport about it. Her grandparents came along with us with sheets and plastic and boards...anything at all that we might be able to have Honnah sit and/or stand on to insure we kept her dress as clean as humanly possible. They were great and I think they maybe worked harder than I did! Here are some of my favorites from Honnah's session. Enjoy!



I am going to India!!! And I need your support...financially and through prayer. Here is a copy of my support letter for this trip (pass it on to everyone you know!):

Dear Family & Friends,

I'm excited!! This coming January I plan to participate in a very challenging ministry. Hillside Christian Church (mine & Jeremy's church-home in Amarillo) has given me the opportunity to travel to India, January 15-27 to experience mission work firsthand. It is a ministry of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, uplifting and supporting dedicated missionaries, accelerating spiritual growth and above all providing an opportunity to allow God to direct my life. I will be participating as the church's official photographer for this trip!

As part of being a short-term missionary, I will need to raise my own support. This is where you can play a significant part through your giving of money, and more important, your continuous prayers. I will need a total of $2750. The trip cost covers air travel abroad, surface travel abroad, work projects, meals, lodging and literature. It is important that you make your check payable to Hillside Christian Church and not to me. Checks should be sent to me for my records and I will deliver them to Hillside.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter of finances. Please consider praying for me on a daily basis, as I strive to fulfill my commitment to seek and save the lost in another part of the world. I know that God works through His people, and that only with His help can any lasting results occur. Pray specifically that our Father gives me eyes to see His people the way that He does. Thank you so much!!!

Lezlie Andrew

Your check may be mailed to the following (remember to make it out to Hillside Christian Church):
Lezlie Andrew
1205 S. Florida
Amarillo, Texas 79102

P.S. I am trying to make sure I have someone committed to pray for me each day of my trip. If you are willing to lift me up in prayer on one of these days please let me know.

You have no idea how much your support means to me...and every little bit helps! I plan to update you all as I prepare for this exciting trip on this blog. So check back often! Here is a breakdown of my payment schedule:

09/01 $750 Deposit Due
10/06 $750 Payment
12/01 $750 Payment
01/05 $500 Balance




Sorry I've been MIA for the last week! Lots going on. I just wanted to let you all know that my website is a little messy right now b/c I'm doing some updates and moving around of photos. It will be finished soon w/ all new current photos and stuff. :) I'm buried in wedding photos right now and really hope to have the time soon to blog some of the fabulous weddings I got to do this summer. In the mean time, check back in a couple of days to see Honnah's bridals I shot last week. Peace+Love.



Coda is such a cutie! And, boy, is she full of energy. She was running around at full speed only stopping for a second here or a couple of seconds there. She made me work, that's for sure. I had a lot of fun with this family though! Here are some of my favorites from their session. Enjoy!



Sometimes it's the not so perfect images that speak the loudest.

Jeremy shot his first wedding with me on John & Micah's big day a little over a week ago (The couple lucked out and had 3 photographers...Myself, Courtney, and Jeremy!). Jeremy has been teaching himself to shoot (and letting me interject my two cents from time to time, too). He shoots a lot of his own images for his design work rather than purchase stock photography. I thought it would be a good idea to have him shoot some weddings with me b/c you can never have too much help and I thought it would be great practice for him. I was impressed with his turn out. The following images are a few that he captured during John & Micah's first dance. He was using available light and the reception was uber dark. While these images aren't super sharp, are a little grainy, and have some motion blur they are some of my favorites from the day. There's just something about them that make me smile. What do you think???

Btw, have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE our "in camera" black & white??? These are straight out of the camera w/ just a slight contrast bump...no enhancement otherwise.




Jeremy asked me to take a "quick" picture last night for his Facebook. All I can say is I love my husband...in all of his quirkiness. We laugh a lot in our house. :) Btw, that mustache beard thing on his face is totally Photoshopped on....he can't grow facial hair like that. LOL.


It's Biz-nazz Time

Hello lovelies. I'm just catching up on some web updates and what not and I thought I'd share my new logo with you. My sweet hubby has been ever so patient with me as I have tried (for a year mind you) to explain what I would like in a logo/branding. I am not very easy to work for...I'm a little too picky, quite the perfectionist, and I change my mind A LOT. My husband does AMAZING work (check out his portfolio by clicking on the link to the right) but, like I said, I am not easy to work for. :) I think this is like the 11th logo he has designed for me...bless his heart. I didn't give him any input on this one and I LOVE it! He hit the nail on the head...this one is money...it's absolutely perfect! Maybe I should have just shut my mouth a year ago and just let him do is thang...haha. But I want to know what you all think. So leave me (and Jeremy) some love. Peace.



I can not express how much fun I have had with Micah! Here are some of my favorites from her Bridal Session. I am in the middle of editing this summer's weddings and will start posting images soon....promise. :)



Keely sure was a gorgeous bride. :) I have been sitting on these bridals forever and am so glad to be able to share them now that Keely and Kyle are married and off on their fabulous honeymoon. Check back tomorrow for more from Micah's bridal session. Peace+Love.