Ella has had some random fever since Thursday afternoon. No cold, flu, stomach bug, etc...just a fever. I heard there was a virus like that going around though. Well, today after I finished a family session in the Wolflin area I made her get all pretty and go out in the front yard so I could take some pictures. It was just such a beautiful day and I was afraid if I didn't do it now then the weather would get ugly and I wouldn't have another chance. She was happy to be able to go outside and play though so I got some cute pics. But after just a little while she said, "Momma, I want to go in the house now." :( Here are a few of the cute ones we got.



Bugs, dirt, grungy deserted buildings, a little bit of trespassing, laughter, smiles, sunflowers, kisses, love...just another e-session. ;) Josh & Nichole are getting married early next summer and I can't wait to shoot their wedding! They have been so much fun to work with...I really do have the BEST clients ever. Here are some of my favorites from their stellar engagement session. Enjoy!

My absolute favorite from Josh & Nichole's session!



I just wanted to post some images from John's Senior Session before I head to bed. I have a big day of shooting tomorrow. :)

I had a lot of fun hanging out with John and his mom & brother a few weeks ago. They are returning clients and I can't wait to work with them again!



Wow! I've spent the last couple of days trying to sort out all that the Lord did this last weekend at Glorieta. I heard one of the best sermons I've ever heard, connected with some of the most awesome people I'll ever know, and received life changing words from the Lord. I am just in awe of what He is doing in my life. I'm hoping to reveal more that went on throughout the weekend but for now I just wanted to say Praise Jesus! ;)

I'll post images from John's Senior Session in a couple of days. Love!


Out of Touch

I am leaving first thing in the a.m. to go on our church's women's retreat. I will not be available all weekend...phone, email, etc. I will return phone calls and emails on Monday & Tuesday of next week. I'm really looking forward to having time away from my computer. I have had a terrible migraine from looking at this stupid screen non-stop for months. I'm also looking forward to some good old quiet time with the Lord. Life is so hectic these days...I really just need a weekend to slow down (before sessions start back up on Monday). Anyway, that's what I'm doing this weekend. Hope you all have a fabulously blessed weekend yourselves! Peace+Love.


**Funny Story** While I was posting this Ella was in the bathroom unrolling a whole roll of toilet paper and stuffing (yes stuffing) it in the toilet where she had just pooped. Lex & Leah, that's what you have to look forward to. Haha!

I LOVE this family! I say this all the time but I really have been SO BLESSED with the most awesome clients. So so blessed. :)

Lex & Leah live in Lubbock but traveled to Amarillo for their super fabulous maternity session in July. This time I got to go to Lubbock to do a sweet newborn session with little miss Annerson Grace. She is absolutely precious and I can't believe how much dark hair she has on that pretty little head of hers. She wanted to do more eating and sleeping than picture taking but we still got to have a little fun with her. Here are some of my favorites from our time together.

Annerson's nursery is to die for! Leah paid so much attention to detail...it is a room fit for a princess.

I noticed these scriptures written and taped above Annerson's door and just had to get some photos.

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE newborn pic of all time! Jeremy asked me if that was a real baby...haha. When I told him it was Annerson he couldn't believe it. :)


India Update

I just wanted to give you all a quick India update. I am on my way to raising all of my money! Yay!!! The total I need is $2750 and I have raised $1850!!! Praise God! He has been so faithful and just continues to floor me on a daily basis. I want to thank everyone who has given so generously. I have been overwhelmed by your love and support. I just need $900 more. I am grateful for any and all donations...whether it's $10 or $100. I know the Lord will provide. ;) I also really appreciate all of you who have pledged to pray for me while I'm in India. It means so much to me to know that I have such awesome friends and family back home praying for me every day. Anyway...just wanted to give you a quick update.

I can't very well post w/out pictures so... I am working on Annerson's newborn photos. Here are a few to tease you with until I get to blog more in a couple of days. Enjoy!