Ella has had some random fever since Thursday afternoon. No cold, flu, stomach bug, etc...just a fever. I heard there was a virus like that going around though. Well, today after I finished a family session in the Wolflin area I made her get all pretty and go out in the front yard so I could take some pictures. It was just such a beautiful day and I was afraid if I didn't do it now then the weather would get ugly and I wouldn't have another chance. She was happy to be able to go outside and play though so I got some cute pics. But after just a little while she said, "Momma, I want to go in the house now." :( Here are a few of the cute ones we got.


The Wilsons said...

Thats so funny because I too see pictures of you sometimes and agree with everyone that we do look alike. Its really not quite as obvious since my hair is dark now, but still so funny! And the fact that our husbands get told they look alike is funny too! I see it in them too. Scary! Our kids should really look more alike too. :) And yes, we definitely need to go to lunch together sometime. Have a great evening!

Stevi Savage said...

OH MAN! Ella is adorable. These are precious photos. Love your editing.