This is Dax. He's 2. And he has the most beautiful blue eyes I have EVER seen! Dax & I hung out in his backyard one sunny morning for about an hour and he let me shoot him with my big scary camera. I had fun running after Dax while he showed me all the caleche (sp?) rocks and pointed out airplanes and birds. In true boy form he liked having is picture taken a bit more before Mom put him in that stinky ol' Easter outfit. Here are a few of my favorites of this sweet little boy...enjoy!

I love how we all hate dandelions but that they are a child's favorite "flower" to give to Mom. The sweet innocence of kids makes me smile. :)



People often ask me, "So what kind of pictures do you take...weddings, families...?". Well, my answer is anything your little heart desires. Haha! So sometimes I am commissioned to do head-shots and commercial shoots. I treat these just as my family sessions...shooting on-location lifestyle portraits that reflect the client's personality (maybe just with less texture and funkiness w/ the editing..haha). So when Jerry & I met to discuss his session and he told me what he was thinking I knew he had come to the right person. :)

Jerry is a real estate agent with Keller Williams here in Amarillo. I had fun chatting with him throughout our session. Here are some of the images you might see in his new brochure.

P.S. This bloody blizzard we're having better not keep me from heading to Dallas in the morning. I really don't want to have to move all of my meetings and sessions.


Nily Fam (P.S. Happy Birthday 2 Me!)

It's my birthday! Yep, I'm one year closer to 30...27 to be exact. ;) My sweet hubby took me out last night and we had a blast! But the best part about having a birthday is having my sweet Ella Bella sing Happy Birthday to me this morning. She was so excited I could hear her asking Jeremy if she could tell me Happy Birthday when I woke up. I got out of bed and she ran in and said, with the sweetest and most excited voice, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!". I love that girl!

Well, I certainly can't have a post without any photos now can I? I had fun shooting Alicia and her guys the other day! I thought I'd share a few of my favs from their session before I take a much needed nap. ;) Enjoy!



You might remember Abigail from this post...or even this post when she was still in her Mommy's tummy. Abbi is just too cute for her own good and such.a.good.baby! I'm so tired I'm afraid if I try to write anymore it might not make much sense. So I'll just say that I love this sweet baby girl and I love her Mommy & Daddy! Here are some of my favs from her 3 month session last week. Enjoy!



I don't have "one time" clients...my clients stick w/ me for life! Exibit A: Michael & Caitlyn just can't get enough of me...haha! I have had more fun shooting and getting to know Michael & Cait this last year. I feel like they aren't clients anymore but more like great friends or even family. I even got to shoot Caitlyn's brother's wedding last month! I can't wait for them to start having babies in a few years. They are going to have the most GORGEOUS kids!

Michael & Caitlyn wanted to do a Day After Session but we didn't actually get to get out and do it until a couple of weeks ago. It was supposed to be gorgeous...warm, sunny, simply gorgeous. Well, wouldn't you know the wind started blowing like crazy as soon as we got to our location. Stupid panhandle wind! I swear I'd move if it wasn't for all my favorite people being here. ;) Despite the crazy stupid wind we were able to get some pretty fabulous images. Here are a few of my favorites from this session. Enjoy!



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We began this session downtown and shot ALL OVER the place! I basically just followed Ryan and Abby around all afternoon watching them laugh and kiss (a lot!)! We ended our shoot with their horses...who found me to be very interesting I might add (see image below). Haha! Needless to say, this e-session was a blast! Here are a few of my favorites. Peace!