Meet Amy, my last Senior of 2009. Loved shooting this girl! Here are some of my favorites (there were so many...I totally could've blogged the entire session!). Grace & peace to you! ;)


Summer Calendar

My summer (and rest of 2009 for that matter) is OUT OF CONTROL! In a good busy way. ;) Here is my travel schedule and available shoot dates:

Dallas/Ft.Worth: June 8th-12th*

Durango, CO: June 29th - July 3rd

Dallas/Ft.Worth: July 13th-16th*

Atlanta, GA: July 27th-31st (not available for sessions)

Seattle, WA: August 27th-31st Only available for sessions on the 29th & 30th

Santa Fe, NM: October 2nd-4th (not available on the 3rd)

Santa Fe, NM: October 9th-11th

St. Thomas: October 26th-30th

*More Dallas/Ft.Worth dates will open in the fall.

All of this means you Amarillo peeps need to book your sessions asap since dates will be quite limited! Also space is limited in these locations on these dates so don't hesitate to get your session booked. You know what to do...head to the website, click on the date you want, and shoot me a message. Or just give me a phone call. ;)



phone no. 806 584 7894
email: lezlieandrewphotography@yahoo.com



Candace & Garrett got married last night in a beautiful ceremony in Groom, TX. I think ALL of Groom plus Amarillo, Denver, etc turned out for their celebration. The place was packed and the reception was a blast! The party didn't miss a beat even when we blew a transformer and were stuck in total darkness with no music and no air conditioning. Maybe it was because the free beer and cocktails were still flowing steady. Or maybe it was because we all love Candace & Garrett so much we weren't about to let a little darkness ruin their day. Will a little (or a lot of) candle light, some good ol' country boys, and an acoustic guitar the party was back on in full force. Candace & Garrett, thank you so much for including me in your lives and your special day! I enjoyed getting to know you guys and loved getting to photograph your beautiful wedding! See you in two weeks when we do it all over again for Nichole & Josh!

Here are a handful of my favorites from Candace's bridals. I can not wait to show you the images from their wedding!


Love Affair Baby!

First of all...I got a pedicure today! :) Exciting, I know. Well I desperately needed one but I also had a really great excuse for splurging a little today. What was that excuse you might ask...well, the awesome, beautiful, glorious woman of Love Affair told me to go get one! ;)

Here's my sad monkey before picture:

And my super sexy, summer-ready after:

Yes, I'm a happy girl. So I'm sure you're all wondering what Love Affair is. Well I'll tell you. Love Affair is an AMAZING workshop put on by four AMAZING photographers in one super AMAZING location.

When: July 28-30, 2009
Where: Atlanta, Georgia at the fabulous W hotel
Why: To hone my photography, business, and balancing my life skills!

I know you all here me talk about how busy I am ALL THE TIME. Truth is, while I am indeed super busy, I lack the organizational skills to maybe not be quite so busy all the time. This is the main reason I want to go to Love Affair. I want to learn to better balance my work life and my family life, not to mention my spiritual life. And hopefully I'll even come back with some major knowledge that will make all of your pictures rock that much harder! So here's to Love Affaire! Thanks for the pedicure, girls!!!



It's no secret I'm a busy girl these days. I have sessions coming out my ears and weddings every weekend as far as I can see. But busy is good, right? :)

Here are some of the images from the Green family session we did at the park a week or so ago. Isn't Jaycee a cutie!



Simple. Vintage. Those are the two words that those around Sarah would describe how she wanted her wedding day to be. She could not have picked a better venue, dress, food, etc. Sarah & Cameron's wedding day flowed with such ease and you really could feel the joy in the air and in those all around them. It has been such a blessing working w/ Sarah & Cameron. I'm sad to see it come to an end but I could not be more thrilled for them. I pulled just a few images from their day to show you. But now I've gotta get back to the 6 sessions and 2 wedding albums I'm working on! P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah's shoes!!!!