Aden's 8 month Session

Well, things are picking back up! I'm excited about all of the family park sessions, engagement sessions, etc... that I have coming up. I enjoy shooting weddings a lot but I absolutely LOVE photographing families and children! I think my clients usually hire me b/c of my relaxed style of shooting. I would rather catch a real moment than some stiff posed image that has no life. I want people to look at my work and see personality and spirit. Shooting is only half the fun for me though. I love the editing process...making the color really pop or turning a regular image into a breathtaking smooth black&white. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love and what I am truly passionate about. I hope you'll enjoy these images from one of my shoots this last weekend. Aden was a blast to be around...one of the happiest babies I have ever seen! Shalom.



September has proven to be a restful one for me. I have been catching up on some cleaning, reading, much needed sleep, and I've even done a little bit of crafting. I have worked a little bit but have been pretty lazy when it comes to updating this thing. ;) Things are starting back up for me this weekend. I have engagement sessions, family park sessions, and then a couple of weddings in the next couple of months. I'll try my hardest to stay on top of blogging! Ella's birthday is next week, too, so I'll be sure to post some images from her party. I can't believe she's 2!!! Here's a photo of Ella from the other day. It was pretty chilly that day and rainy. Ella wanted to play outside so we broke out her new rainboots. They are just so stinkin cute! She seemed to like them, too. The way she was walking in them just cracked me up! Enjoy.


The Smith's

I'm in Dallas right now...and I have never been more miserable! Ella & I both have hay-fever and it is ridiculous. I was coming to Dallas to try to relax and visit my family before things start to get crazy again but so far I've just been sneezing my head off and trying to make Ella a bit more comfortable (poor thing). I'm hoping to pick up a new lens while I'm here, too, b/c my "go-to" lens crapped out on me. Here are some images from my shoot last Saturday for the Smith family. I went to school with these girls and they are just super gorgeous! Enjoy.


Steve & Natalie

Ok, ok....I know I'm totally behind on the blogging! August was a CRAZY month for us...new house, new friends, new oppurtunities, weddings, portraits, painting, unpacking...like I said CRAZY! Steve & Natalie were my first wedding clients to book for this year and it's funny that they ended up being my last wedding of the "wedding season". Weddings won't pick up again untill November so I'm gearing up for those holiday portraits (call me to book your session!). I really enjoyed Steve and Natalie! They're wedding was totally laid back and spent with the people they love most. We even all went to I-HOP at afterwards...yep, even Steve & Natalie! Here are a few images from their day. Natalie's daughter Jade was a blast! Enjoy.