Dallas/Ft.Worth : Spring Dates

Here are my available dates for March, April, & May for those of you in the Dallas & Ft.Worth areas:

March 22 : One day only @ the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Worth.

April : At this time I will not be making a trip in April due to the numerous Engagement Sessions I have in Amarillo but will notify everyone if that changes.

May 20th-27th : I will be shooting a wedding that Saturday and have a couple of family sessions booked that Sunday but still have plenty of availability throughout that week.

If you're interested in any of these dates please shoot me an email or phone call asap as my book is filling up fast! LAST CHANCE UNTIL SEPTEMBER (except for baby's 1st year clients)!!! Peace like a river.


Lazy Sundays

The two loves of my life took a nap on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Now don't think we kept ourselfs couped up in the house on such a gorgeous day (currently 71 degrees). I'm sitting outside while posting this entry listening to Ella holler, "Watch Mom!!!" as she slides down her slide on her Daddy's lap. *Sigh* I L-O-V-E my life.

(Pay no attention to the that thing in Ella's mouth. We can't seem to get our 2 1/2 year old off the pacifier!)

(Notice the Hello Kitty tattoo on Ella's hand...courtesy of her Aunt Sarah Jane. "Ella want tattoo like Mommy Daddy?", she often begs. So I gave her one today. My Mother's going to LOVE this...haha.) Funny how we don't want her to have a pacifier but tattoos...totally ok!


Lilly : 3 Months

Here are more images from the adorable Lilly's session! She is just too cute for words. I LOVE shooting babies and families! Anyway, here are more from her session starting with a sample baby announcement and some collages thrown in, too. Just want to give you guys more examples of some of the fun products I offer. Thanks for all of the sweet comments everyone! You are all so encouraging and the reason why I do what I do. Peace!


Lilly : to be continued...

I'm working on the images from Lilly's first photo shoot (recent Dallas home session). She is such a gorgeous baby and has these big beautiful eyes! I love babies with big eyes like Zara & Kayt (See Courtney & Ashley's blogs)...I hope you girls enjoyed that little plug. :) I wanted to post one of my favorite images from Lilly's session. I'll post more of her photos in a few days. For now enjoy this little teaser! I think this image is so fun but super sweet and intimate at the same time. I wanted to somehow capture Lilly being held by her Daddy's big strong hands. This is what I came up with and I hope it's one of those images that Lilly (and her Mommy & Daddy) will treasure forever. Let me know what you think! Grace & peace.

*Edit* I wanted to share another image from Lilly's session. I just can't get over these eyes!!! Gorgeous.


Carrie : Ft.Worth

I had fun with Carrie's session...the shooting and the editing. Carrie is the sister of one of my favorite brides, Colleen. You might remember her from the bridal session with the infamous green wall everyone always comments on. (= Carrie is super gorgeous and has a great personality so I was stoked when she asked me to shoot these pictures for her. She needed to add to her portfolio a bit so we decided to go out in Ft.Worth and do a few looks. It was a super (understatement) sunny day and we shot at mid-day which isn't the best time of day for lighting purposes. A year ago I would have been totally stressed about all the backlight and shadowing but I've worked hard over the last year to better myself in using the light (however harsh it may be) rather than trying to combat it. I asked my little sister Sarah Jane to come along to assist me (using reflectors and what not). Carrie probably thought we were crazy but we had a lot of fun. I'm definately going to use Sarah on more of my Dallas area shoots! Anyway here are some of my favorite images from the day. I'm pretty happy with the finished product! Comment, comment, comment. K thanks!!!


Saturday : Misc.

Hello lovelies! I just wanted to throw some info/tips your way.

*With the weather being quite unpredictable these days, Home Sessions are a perfect alternative to an outdoor family session.

*Boudoir Sessions are super fun and make great anniversary gifts for your hubby or even perfect for the bride to be to give to her soon to be on the wedding day as a little teaser. ;)

*Morning After Sessions are a great alternative (or in addition) to an engagement session. Just throw your dress & tux back on and lets head downtown for a super relaxed session.

*I still have some 2008 dates available for all of you newly engaged ladies! Give me a call to book your bridal consultation.

*Senior Portrait cut off date is April 1st and space is limited so hurry and book yours asap!

*I'll be announcing new Dallas/Ft.Worth dates soon so let me know if you're interested in getting that email.

I just found this video and wanted to share it with you. My sister, Leah, and I were sitting on the front row of this concert a year and a half ago! I can pinpoint Jewel as one of my earliest artistic influences. "You Were Meant For Me" was the first song I learned to play on the guitar. In fact, there was a time when you may have even been able to catch me belting out a few Jewel tunes backed by my favorite musician (Jeremy, of course) in some local bars...haha. When I heard Jewel was going to be in Dallas I just had to get tickets (I had never seen her live in concert before). When she walked out on that stage it was quite an emotional experience. By far, the best live performance I have ever witnessed. Enjoy!


Love : 2.14.08

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! So Jeremy gave me this hilarious card this morning. It said, "In my heart I give you roses every single day." What the crap?! I want real roses every single day...not ones in your heart. :} Haha! Now, before you go and say/think that I'm an ungrateful hag...he gave me that card as a joke. The other day I was ranting about how stupid Valentine cards are. They either look stupid or say something stupid. I have been to 3 different places to look for a card for Jeremy and have failed in my attempt to find one that has a cool design that looks like "us" and says something that I'm really thinking...like how blessed I am by him every day, how much I respect him, love him, honor him, cherish him, think he's incredibly hot, and so on. Anyway, that card is one of the many reasons I love him. That and he got me a new lens for Valentine's Day! He let me take it to Dallas last week to play with it. It's a fun little lens (10-22mm) and more fun/creative than my other lenses so it's a good addition to my ever growing collection. I had fun shooting the kids last week with it. I can't wait to use it on my next family session or wedding! Here are some random images I shot while the kids ran around like maniacs all week. XOXO


Dylan : Downtown

Dylan is a young guy who is totally into music and acting. He just auditioned for the production Texas and can currently be seen in AC's Willy Wonka Junior. He's going on a lot of auditions and needed some fresh head and promo shots. We had fun shooting these even though it was a bit on the chilly side. And I have to say he plays a mean violin! Here are some of my favorite images from Dylan's session. Enjoy...and keep the comments coming (they make me smile)! :)


Carrie : Headshot

I just wanted to post a little teaser from Carrie's session on Saturday. Is she not GORGEOUS?!?! I'll post more from her session soon. In the mean time here's one of Carrie's images so Courtney will stop hounding me...lol! :)


Yishai : More

Just a couple more of my favorites from Yishai's home session. Thanks to all of my loyal blog stalkers for all of your recent comments. You make me smile. =) I'll post some images of Ella & her cousins and this weekends sessions soon! Peace.

He really didn't want to put his clothes on. :(


Jeremy : My Love

Disclaimer: This is a cheesy lovey dovey post bragging about my husband. I'll try to make it short. =)

I'm in Dallas and my husband's not. :( I miss him...like really really miss him. My whole family lives here so I try to come and visit every month, scheduling my trips around client sessions. Anyway, I was just thinking about him and how much he inspires me to better myself in so many areas of my life. Everything he does, he does with such an insane passion and intensity. If you happen to go to Hillside in Amarillo you might be able to catch a glimpse of what I'm talking about. He plays guitar with Rob on Sundays sometimes...he's the guy who doesn't wear shoes when he plays (haha). The way he worships is truly inspiring. He recently decided that he wants to learn how to shoot professionally so that he can use his own images in his graphic design business (rather than using stock images) and so he can shoot the occasional wedding with me. I would love more than anything to be a husband-wife team! He's SO good at the business side of things and he'll probably eventually even be a better photographer than I am. Which is ok with me. ;) I'm just so proud of him. I wish I was as driven as he is. Don't get me wrong, I'm super passionate about photography and my clients but I have never seen ANYONE as driven as Jeremy. I was just sitting here thinking about how very honored I am to be his wife!


Heidi Montag : Awesomely Bad

Leah, this post is just for you! Now normally I wouldn't post something like this but this is just too funny to not. I have two things to say...(1) Are you serious??? and (2) Hahahahahahaha!!! Spencer MADE her do it. At least that's what Heidi's going to say when (hopefully) she comes to her senses, dumps him, and realizes that she is NOT a good singer. Thoughts???

Attention : Dallas/Ft.Worth

Sorry it's a little last minute but I'm going to be in the area this week. Ella was sick so I had to rearrange my trip but she's better now. =) If you're interested in booking a session shoot me an email or phone call and I'll get you hooked up (home sessions, engagements, senior portraits, families, newborns, etc...). I only have a few more spots available so don't hesitate! It's going to be gorgeous this weekend!!! I am usually in Dallas/Ft.Worth one week out of every month so let me know if you can't do it this week but would like to book something in March, April, May, etc... I'm also available to do a few consultations for upcoming weddings, senior sessions, baby's 1st year, etc...

Here's an image from one of my favorite Dallas/Ft.Worth families! We did this relaxed session in Downtown Grapevine in the fall and had a blast. I can't wait to work with this family again! Peace.


Ella : Big Girl Bed

Ella's almost 2 1/2 so we thought it was about time she got out of her crib and into a big girl bed. Jeremy & Ella took a little trip to Toys R Us this evening to pick out a new bed. Ella said "bye bye" to her baby bed and is super excited about sleeping in her big girl bed tonight. Keep your figures crossed and say a little prayer that the transition is smooth and that she doesn't get out of her bed a million times tonight! Here are a few pictures of her super cool new big girl bed!

(Please disregard the (grainy) poor quality of these images! I shot them in low light w/out a flash at a high ISO and had to brighten them up quite a bit so they're not just super. I'll have to take some more during the day or with my flash later.)

Super Bowl : Not So Much

While everyone else is wrapped up in Super Bowl mania I'm searching for a better use of my time. Lol...yes I'll admit we're not big sports fans in this house. In fact, I don't even know who is playing this year. Ok, before you begin stoning me for such blasphemous talk...I've brought you some yummy music!

You've probably heard Yael Naim's song "New Soul" on the new Mac commercials. Mac always brings us the hottest music (Jet, Feist, etc...). I really dig "New Soul". So I went on iTunes and purchased the rest of the album and was blown away and the fact that she covers Britney Spears "Toxic" is just icing on the cake!

Ok, so I must have a thing for Britney Spears covers b/c the next artist I'm sharing with you is Marie Digby and she does a mean cover of "Gimme More". She also rocks Rihanna's "Umbrella", which has been featured on The Hills, and Linkin Park. I think she's fabulous! So take a break from the Super Bowl and have a listen. Shalom. ;)