My Apologies

I have been M.I.A., huh? I think this is the longest I have ever gone between posts. There is good reason for it, of course! I spent all of last week working my butt of to get caught up so that I wouldn't have to work while on our little vacation this week. And it's a good thing too, because I have had like no time to edit and very little internet access minus my wonderful iphone (who I don't know how I'd live without!). Apparently though when emailing via my iphone from the mountains people are getting the same email 6 times. Haha! Sorry guys!

So, yes, I am in Colorado. Durango to be exact. This is maybe my 3rd or 4th time to Durango and I am thoroughly enjoying myself as usual. Except for the heat...which I thought I left in Amarillo. Anyway, we are in Durango for the last week of CIY (Christ In Youth). Jeremy has been touring with Rob all month long and this is their last week on the road. The first two weeks they spent in El Porvenir at Hillside Christian Church camps and these last two weeks have been here in Durango at CIY.

So sorry for the lack of posts but I needed a little family time! I'm hoping to get all of these weddings I have been shooting this summer blogged when I get back home. I'm always so bad about blogging weddings (I have no idea why). In the mean time, if you feel compelled to keep up with what I'm doing head over to Facebook or Twitter and follow my updates. Peace out for now!



Julie {Bride}

Julie is another one of my brides that got married on Saturday. I have had so much fun getting to know Julie while shooting her engagements and bridals. Here are some of my faves from her bridal session. Congratulations Jeff & Julie!


Abby {Bride}

Congrats to Abby & Ryan for getting married last night in one of the most rockin weddings EVER! I had a blast with you guys. Here are a few of Abby's bridals from a couple of weeks ago. Poor Abby was such a trooper when we got rained out of not one but two attempts at this session. Then, of course, it rained ALL day yesterday. I swear it's me....I take rain and tornados with me wherever I go these days! Ha! There was a good break in the clouds yesterday while we were shooting though and then God decided to paint Abby & Ryan the most beautiful rainbow as the ceremony rapped up. Enjoy these bridals. One of these days I'll actually be able to post some wedding photos, lol!

Abby didn't wear boots on her wedding day but she threw her boots and spurs on to trek through this field with me during her session! Fun fact: A tornado touched down like 20 miles behind where Abby's standing right after we drove off.



I had the chance to photograph the precious little Holland again a couple of weeks ago. She is so super gorgeous and such a happy baby! Alexis asked me to get some nursing pictures also while I was there and I think those may have been the most precious pictures I have ever taken. So so sweet! Here are some of my favorites (minus the nursing pics) from Holland's home session. Enjoy!



There is a very good reason (or two) for the lack of posts this week. For one I was in Dallas visiting my family and meeting with brides. Second, I'm working on a lot of sessions I can't quite show you yet. Bridals for brides who have not wed just yet and a couple of killer boudoir sessions. Here are some teasers for now. I'll post a couple of family sessions in the next week so stay tuned!


Nichole {Bride}

Well, Nichole & Josh are married! That's it for my Groom, Tx weddings this summer. I shot Nichole & Josh's wedding yesterday...for 10 hours. :) Ella & I dropped Jeremy off at the church early this afternoon so he could leave for camps then Ella & I drove to Dallas. I'm pooped...to say the least. Here are my favorites from Nichole's bridal session. Enjoy!



The sweet Neagle's put their house on the market, it sold in 4 days, and they had to be out in 10! Crazy!!! Rachael called me to see if I could do one last home session in that house for them. So I headed over there for a last minute shoot amongst boxes and termite inspectors. Ha!

I had fun with them as usual. I can't believe how big Ephraim is now! And boy does that boy have energy. He's like Ella (that girl never sits still) on speed. He was such a joy to be around though. Love that smile...love that boy!