I simply love the Dawes family. Those boys have more energy than I have ever seen in one child...let alone two! They kept me on my toes and made this session so much fun! P.S. Congrats on your new job, Marcus! We will all have to get together soon to celebrate.

Here are some of my favorites from this session!



I can not even begin to express how much I love this family! I have just had so much fun with them on their many shoots and feel so blessed to have them in my life. Annerson's mommy, Leah, and I have been trying so very hard to nail down this session. We had all intended for it to be a 6 month session but Annerson wasn't sitting up yet and we really wanted her to for this shoot. So we pushed it back a little and then the weather wouldn't cooperate with us at all. That has kind of been the theme of my life the last month or so. I have had to reschedule so much stuff due to wind of all things!

Well Lex, Leah, and Annerson finally made the drive from Lubbock to Amarillo and we had an super fun time hanging out for a few hours together. I'll tell you, I think Annerson has a modeling career ahead of her! She loved being in front of the camera and was so much fun to photograph. We even let Mom & Dad jump in for a few. ;) Here are my favorites!



I have fallen behind on editing and blogging. Shocking I know! I'm determined to get caught up this week though. With that said, here is a session I shot a couple of days before Easter. Notice the pretty white Easter dresses and shoes...haha. I had fun doing this little shoot for Jennifer. She even jumped in a couple of shots so that she could give her hubby a print or two for their anniversary that's coming up. Abigail and Ashley are gorgeous girls and they were so excited to have their picture taken! Here are a handful of my faves from their session.



I first met Wendy when she called me to photograph her baby boy at 8 months old. Little did I know that I would be invited to be part of this sweet family and all of their milestones. Since our first session I have photographed Aden 4 times (one of those being his 1st birthday party), shot one large family session with all of the Macon's, and even photographed Wendy's brother's engagements and wedding! I have watched Aden go from baby to toddler to a sweet little boy who has abundant energy and loves his mommy like no little boy I have ever seen.

I was scheduled to shoot another session with Aden in June. But when Wendy saw that I would be in Dallas at the same time that they had a trip scheduled we decided to get together and do a super fabulous session a couple of months early! I had so much fun chasing Aden around while he hunted squirrels and turtles, wrestled his momma in the grass, and entertained us with his silliness! Here are just a handful of my favorites from Aden's session!