The Wright Family Park Session

I'm having the hardest time getting my images to upload for some reason. So I only get to blog a few from the Wright Family's session. I had a lot of fun with this rad little family! Alexis knew what she wanted out of their session and she wasn't afraid to direct me, which I love. When you tell me exactly what you want then you're sure to get the kind of pictures you were hoping for. Of course, I love to be in the driver's seat too. I'm kind of a control freak at times. But when my clients communicate with me then it makes for a good mix of "visions". Enjoy these images from their session...maybe I'll be able to get some more of them up today. Peace like a river.



Hey everyone! First I want to thank all of my friends, family, and clients for telling everyone you know about me. It has worked wonders and I am forever in debt to all of you! I have been so blessed with the amount of business I have had this year. In fact I am so incredibly busy that I am completely booked until the end of the year. I will not be booking anymore appointments until 1/1/2008. Many of you know that I am running a little behind on editing due to the many family sessions I have had this month. I want to assure all of you who are waiting on your pictures that I will have everyone finished with plenty of time to spare before you need to get your Christmas cards out. Just bear with me! I will more than likely have to hire a couple of people next year to help with the editing and Christmas card orders b/c this is just too much for Jeremy & myself. That is so exciting to me though! I never imagined that my business would take off like it has. Thank you thank you thank you!

On a more personal note, Ella Bella is sick. After enduring 3 sleepless nights I took her to the doctor and discovered that she has tonsillitis. She is NEVER sick so this came as a real shock. Needless to say, this has put me even further behind in my editing. While Ella is my first priority I am definately not neglecting my work. I might be a little behind on the post-production side of things but I am sure I will get caught up within a couple of weeks (maybe less). Thanks to all of my clients for being so understanding. Please keep Ella in your prayers!

Lots of love,


The Little Family

I have been trying to blog this session for a couple of days now but I haven't been able to upload any images for some reason. Anyway, this is another one of my Dallas families. I had so much fun with them! We went to historic Downtown Grapevine to shoot their session. Michelle has such great style and wanted to find cool backdrops like buildings, doors, walls, ect... rather than the typical park session type of thing. There is so much possibility there and we were able to find some really great stuff. Here are some images from their session. Peace!


Beth & Fam Park Session

Last weekend I went to Dallas to shoot a few families. I had a lot of fun with each session and they all turned out so cute but totally different. I was hired for this session by Beth. She wanted me to take some photos of her nieces and her dogs. We went to a couple of parks and just had a totally relaxed session. I shot the girls playing, the dogs running around, and those girls really enjoyed posing for the camera at times too. Here are a few images from their session. Enjoy!


The Morales Family

I got to shoot the Morales Family again (I did his 3 month photos last spring)! He is such a cutie and I love Daniel & Angela to death! We did their session at the park again and included Angela's mother as well as Daniels family this time. We got some really great pictures and I can't wait to shoot Yishai again! Here are a some images from their session. Shalom.


The Dawson Family

I shot the Dawson Family last Saturday for Keagon's 1 Year photos. I have been doing such bright colorful stuff lately I thought a little black & white might be a nice change of pace for this session. Keagon & Brox are sweet little boys! I can't wait to do another session with them. I'm trying to stay up to date on the postings but it doesn't help that I'm a little behind on my editing. I am shooting William & Evelyn at the pumpkin patch today and then I'll be doing sessions with two fun little families tomorrow in Highland Village and Grapevine. Then it's back to Amarillo for the Wright Session on Monday! I'm just a little busy...lol. ;)


Jeff & Brittany

I have known Jeff for a LONG time but had not seen him for...gosh it had to have been close to 10 years! When Jeff's fiance, Brittany, got in touch with me several months ago about being their wedding photographer I was super excited. She is so incredibly cute, sweet, gorgeous, fun, etc... so I knew they would be a great couple to work with. We went out on Saturday to shoot their engagements...it was a little windy & super bright that day but all in all a good shoot. Brittany likes to watch America's Next Top Model and you can tell she's been working on her poses. I love it when my girls work it for the camera! I had so much fun shooting them and I can't wait to shoot their wedding in December. Britt was telling me some of the details (colors, flowers, cake, etc...) and it is going to be gorgeous! Here are a few of their images from Saturday. Be sure to leave comments! Peace.


John & Matthew

John (17) & Matt (13) are brothers. Teenagers are always interesting to shoot, I think. Some are total naturals in front of the camera & enjoy hamming it up for you. Others are a little more reserved and shy. It's that second group of people that intrigue me the most b/c if I can get them to come out of their shell (however slowly that might take) it makes me feel that as a photographer I am doing my job well. Siblings are always interesting, too, b/c most don't really care for each other much at that age...haha. Moms are always happy if I can get them to stand next to each other and actually smile! At one point during our shoot I told the guys to just act natural like their hanging out, talking to each other. John proceeds to tell me, "Umm, I don't talk to Matt." Lol...how stinkin funny is that?! Anyway, Matt smiled for me the whole time & seemed pretty comfortable. John on the other hand didn't look like he was having much fun at first...that may be due to the fact that we started shooting @ 9am on a Saturday,haha. But then he started shooting me these intense model type of looks (like in images 1 & 3)! I even managed to get him to smile a few times. He was a perfect subject. I really feel like I was able to catch his personality...the way he is right this very moment in life. I'm looking forward to doing his Senior pictures next year. Here are a few of John & Matt's images from Saturday. Notice the flair...you guys know I can't do a session without a little flair! Peace.



I had the privilege of photographing Breckin on Friday. He is just too cute for words! He reminds me of Ella...on the go & never stops moving for a second. Haha...he was a lot of fun to shoot. I just love his smile, too! Here are a few images from his session. Shalom!


Dustin & Colleen

I had a lot of fun with Dustin & Colleen on Saturday...despite the typical panhandle wind. They are such a great couple...and that is an understatement! They have such sweet spirits and are a joy to be around. Their passion for the Lord is truly inspiring! I just love couples like Dustin & Colleen. I am so excited to photograph their wedding in November and feel so honored to be a part of such a special day in their lives. Here are some images from their engagement session...enjoy!


Ella's Birthday Part II

We had Ella's party on Sunday. Ella's Grandmommy made her a super cute Hello Kitty cake and Ella wore her birthday tutu. So it was a fabulous day. Here are a few photos...enjoy!

Ella's Birthday Part I

Our week this past week was quite eventful due to Ella's 2nd birthday. It started on Tuesday (the day before Ella's birthday) with the arrival of Ella's birthday present, an 800lb palate of wood, screws, nuts, bolts, etc... Every little girls dream right...lol. She got the coolest swingset ever! It took Jeremy and a couple of other guys from Tuesday to Sunday morning to finish putting it together. Jeremy did such a good job! It looks great & Ella has been having so much fun playing on it. Ella's Nonnie & Mackie (my parents) came into town on Friday. Ella loves them so much and had so much fun with them this weekend. Here are some photos from Wednesday thru Saturday...with more to come.

Jeremy & Seth on day 2.

Ella started out helping the boys....

...but decided her time was better spent splashing in puddles.

It was her birthday after all.

Ella playing on her new playset for the first time. Her Nonnie & Mackie joined in on the fun.