Ella's Birthday Part I

Our week this past week was quite eventful due to Ella's 2nd birthday. It started on Tuesday (the day before Ella's birthday) with the arrival of Ella's birthday present, an 800lb palate of wood, screws, nuts, bolts, etc... Every little girls dream right...lol. She got the coolest swingset ever! It took Jeremy and a couple of other guys from Tuesday to Sunday morning to finish putting it together. Jeremy did such a good job! It looks great & Ella has been having so much fun playing on it. Ella's Nonnie & Mackie (my parents) came into town on Friday. Ella loves them so much and had so much fun with them this weekend. Here are some photos from Wednesday thru Saturday...with more to come.

Jeremy & Seth on day 2.

Ella started out helping the boys....

...but decided her time was better spent splashing in puddles.

It was her birthday after all.

Ella playing on her new playset for the first time. Her Nonnie & Mackie joined in on the fun.


Anonymous said...

Good pictures of a pretty little girl. Lezlie.

Jane said...

She smiles just like you but looks just like Jeremy!!! I love the picture of her in the rain boots. She's so cute.