Rhett::Park Session

More often than not, I never get to meet clients before their actual sessions...especially families and children. So I never really know what I'm going to be dealing with. I'm sure it's a little freaky for kids to all of a sudden have some stranger stick a big black boxy looking thing in their faces, too. With this in mind, my goal for each session is to just make it as laid back as possible. I try not to schedule sessions back to back so that we're never in a time crunch, I interact with the children for a few minutes before starting so they can get to know me a bit, then I just let the kids do their own thing, while making the parents feel comfortable knowing that we WILL get something usable and hopefully great out of their session.

When I met up with Rhett and his mom, Julie, he was a little shy but such a cutie that I new we would have fun. It took Rhett a good 30 minutes to really break out of his shell but when he did it was fabulous. He was running around laughing, being ornery, exploring, etc. I had a lot of fun shooting him for sure! Rhett's smile and laugh are infectious. Here are some of my favorites from his session.

Watching the airplanes flying overhead.

Rhett was begging his mommy for his sippy cup. :)



I have had a couple of (Amarillo) time slots open this Saturday, May 31st. Family Session, Engagement, Maternity, Early Bird Senior??? It might be the last chance to get in with me until September 1st due to wedding season. First come first serve! Don't miss out!!! Shoot me an email or phone call asap!


Peace+Love Y'all. ;)


Foster II

I shot Foster and his super cute cousin, Charcey, a few weeks ago. Click here to see images from that session. Foster was having a bit of an off day that day, though. So his Mommy & I decided that we would attempt to get some more photos of him on a better day. Foster is just too cute! He is a thinker...for sure. You can always see his little wheels turning. We were able to get a few smiles out of him this time though! Here are some images from Foster's 2nd session. Enjoy!

Btw, I know there has been a lack of picture posts lately (which is what you all really want to see). This is because I have been shooting lots of Bridals and I can't post those until after the weddings (otherwise I might have some angry brides on my hands...haha). I have a couple of family sessions, maternity, Engagements, etc... coming soon though. And then the wedding posts will begin! I'll try to stay on top of things and get all of these sessions posted in a timely manner. ;) Peace+Love!


My spirit cannot dance without YOU.

First, I just want to apologize to all of my lovely photographer friends who have been emailing me and leaving comments. I know I haven't been very good about returning your messages. You know I love you though!!! I have been stupid busy with Engagements, Brides, etc. No doubt about it...wedding season is here! I do appreciate all of your encouragement though and will try to do better!

Now on to the reason for this post. I want to share a video with all of my readers. I go to church at Hillside Christian in Amarillo. On a recent Sunday morning they did something called "Cardboard Testimonies". Every time I watch this I am incredibly humbled by these people and their courage and obedience and grateful for God's mercy and grace in my life. I have a cardboard testimony (as we all probably do) but I'm not sure I could share mine with a sanctuary full of people. Could you? Anyway, this video is powerful and the song that Rob is playing in the background is one of my absolute favorites. So, I've also included a video of Jesus Culture playing this song. It's incredible!


Lydia::Senior II

I got to shoot Lydia again. :) The day we had her original Senior session scheduled it turned out pretty cold and windy. Lydia braved the weather to get what we could that day. We decided, though, that we really wanted some sunny warm pictures. So we waited for a clear beautiful day and went out again. Lydia is always fun to shoot. She is up for anything and totally works the camera without having to be directed one bit. She simply rocks!!! I LOVE the images we got from this second session. Here are my favorites...enjoy!

Oh, my lovely husband & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary today. :) Now before you go thinking about how old I must be to have already celebrated a 7th anniversary...let me tell you I'm only 26. Yep, that means I got married when I was 19! I am blissfully happy with this man. He is more than I ever hoped for in a husband. I am so blessed to have his love in my life. :)



Oh, Micah & John. I LOVE this couple! We started their session early on a Saturday at the elementary school were Micah is a Kindergarten teacher. We thought it would be fun to shoot some of their engagements in her super cute classroom. We then headed to the park where my camera (yes, the new one I purchased less than 5 months ago) decided to stop working. All I can say is thank GOD for backup equipment! We finished out their session downtown. Micah & John have the best personalities and are super cute with each other. I can't wait to shoot Micah's Bridals next month and their wedding in August! Enjoy these images from their session.

I had to send my 40D to California for repairs. I have it back now but I should say one more time thank GOD for backup equipment. Oh, and check out my new toys. The ever amazing Canon 50mm 1.2 and my lovely MacBook Pro. ;)


Ella My Bella

Wow...have I been busy!?! I have been editing a lot of Bridals this last week and can't wait to share some of these images with you all. It will have to wait until after their weddings though. :) I'll have images up from Micah & John's Engagement Session as well as part II or Lydia's Senior Session soon. In the mean time here is a shot I took of Ella yesterday while we were playing in the sprinklers. She wasn't too sure about getting wet so she instructed me to go get her hat and umbrella so she could play in the "rain". She is too cute...love love love my Ella!



First item of business::I have been so busy that I've only been blogging about half of the sessions I've been doing lately. My blog takes a back seat to editing. With that said, for those of you who have been waiting for your images to pop up on my blog, I'm hoping to get everyone's up but it's possible that not everyone will get on here. Sorry!!!

Now on to Keely & Kyle's session. I LOVE MY JOB! I had so much fun with this couple. They seriously smiled and laughed throughout the entire session, were up for anything, and didn't complain even though I made Keely run in heels and shoot for almost 4 hours. ;) Btw, Keely is Staci's sister (they are both getting married this summer!). I wanted to blog a lot more from this session but sometimes blogger doesn't want to cooperate. So here are some of my favorites from Keely & Kyle's session. I can't wait to see you guys get married and am so glad that I get to be a part of this special event in your lives! Peace+Love.