Rhett::Park Session

More often than not, I never get to meet clients before their actual sessions...especially families and children. So I never really know what I'm going to be dealing with. I'm sure it's a little freaky for kids to all of a sudden have some stranger stick a big black boxy looking thing in their faces, too. With this in mind, my goal for each session is to just make it as laid back as possible. I try not to schedule sessions back to back so that we're never in a time crunch, I interact with the children for a few minutes before starting so they can get to know me a bit, then I just let the kids do their own thing, while making the parents feel comfortable knowing that we WILL get something usable and hopefully great out of their session.

When I met up with Rhett and his mom, Julie, he was a little shy but such a cutie that I new we would have fun. It took Rhett a good 30 minutes to really break out of his shell but when he did it was fabulous. He was running around laughing, being ornery, exploring, etc. I had a lot of fun shooting him for sure! Rhett's smile and laugh are infectious. Here are some of my favorites from his session.

Watching the airplanes flying overhead.

Rhett was begging his mommy for his sippy cup. :)

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