Goodbye 2008

HELLO 2009!!! Can you believe it's 2009 already?!?! Well technically we still have a couple of hours before 2009 hits our little part of the world but I plan to be in bed by midnight. How lame is that?!?! I have good reason I promise. Jeremy, Ella, & I are ending 2008 on a sick note. :( We spent the afternoon at the Dr.'s office...nothing major just swollen tonsils, red throats & ears, and yucky sinus stuff. Is it weird that I enjoy getting shots??? I just know that getting stuck is going to make me feel so much better so when a doctor asks me if I want shots I (a little too enthusiastically) say YES. Maybe sickness & meds are just making me loopy...haha.

2009 is going to be a great year! I don't really make resolutions but definitely have goals set for the year. Here are a few:

1. Run a 5K.
2. Convert our dining room into an office in order to complete the client consultation area of our house. It's gonna be SICK!
3. Take a road trip and stop along the way at cool places to take photos.
4. Hire an assistant.

What about you guys? What are your resolutions or goals? Let me know...I'd love to hear them!

I can't very well leave you without a pretty image to look at. Here is one from a recent session I did with my favorite little red head, Adi! Happy New Year everyone!

December Promo

I'll be offering a promotion for the month of December. Here it is: Book your 2009 session this month and pay the 2008 pricing (savings of about $75). Call me for details (806.584.7894) or go to the calendar on my website to book your date! It's as simple as that.


This post w/ stay @ the top of the blog for the remainder of December.


Christmas Vacation!

I am officially on Christmas vacation! *Breaths a sigh of relief* I shot the last wedding of the year today and am in Dallas with my family. All orders, emails, phone calls, etc will be tended to when I return to Amarillo on the 2nd. Here are a few of the things I have been working on this last week.

Hillside Christian Church 2008 Pageant::Remember When

Brandon & Carina's Anniversary Session

Seth & Katie's Maternity Session


Christmas Shopping

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? If not, then I have something you should see...


Everyone loves a Scottish girl!

My parents spent a few weeks in Scotland in October. Before they left the states I gave them a crash course in photography. Well, I think it certainly paid off! Their pictures are awesome. I'm going through some of them to pick out images to print. Here are some of my favorites so far. Enjoy!



It's always a little bitter sweet to get to the album side of weddings. While it's a relief to see all of my hard work pay off in a beautiful wedding album, it's also sad to see that my time with my fabulous clients is over (well, until they start having babies that is!). I recently sent John & Micah's wedding album off for print and thought I'd share a few spreads with you all. John & Micah were SO MUCH FUN to work with this last year and their wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy!



I enjoy this family so much! Alexis is always up for fun stuff and is totally down with my laid back style. That's exactly what this session was...laid back & chill. I felt so overdressed when I knocked on the door and Kevin answered in his pj's...haha! Love it! This is the third time I've photographed this sweet family and this time I got to meet their newest member, Holland. Oh my gosh, is she a cutie!!! Bronwyn & Boaz are so full of energy and such happy children. They are super sweet and eager to have their photo taken. However, with Boaz you have to be super quick about it because he doesn't stay still for long! Here are some of our super fun photos from their home session!

Shane Alexander

I am quite the connoisseur when it comes to music. Most of you know just how big a role music plays in my life. And for those of you who don't know here's the super short version of the story: I have been singing since I can remember, I co-lead worship for my youth group in high-school briefly, I sang in a few side projects w/ Jeremy, Jeremy toured nationally with his band Nevaeh for 4 years, now he plays worship at our church Hillside. We listen to music all day every day (this is why we don't have cable b/c we rarely have the tv on). Ella can tell you what instrument is playing in any song. She's a genius with classical...she knows the difference between a cello & violin (she's only 3). So with that being said I decided that I would start posting once a week about a certain artist or band that I think you should all go out and listen to. So here goes...

I saw Shane Alexander a couple of years ago in Dallas when he opened for Jewel. He is amazing live! Very clean & flawless. His lyrics are deep and heart-felt while his music is very melodic. I instantly feel in love with his sound. I put his cd in when I need a mental break and just want to daydream. Here is his latest video...enjoy!

You can find his latest album, The Sky Below, on iTunes. Also, you can go to his myspace page by clicking here.


Politz Family

Umm, so yeah...I haven't had much time to blog lately! I have been shooting though...A LOT! I'm happy to say that December is going to be a good & hopefully restful month for me. I have a bit of shooting to do but will mostly be finishing the holiday editing, working on wedding albums, and resting my shoulder. Oh, and catching up on the blogging...tons of images you haven't seen! I'll be spending the last half of this month in Dallas with my family, too!

Now onto the reason for this post. ;) The Politz family & I got together recently for a casual little session. Tommy is our pastor at Hillside and I've recently had the chance to get to know Donna and the family a bit. Donna is one of those woman you cross paths with and think what great friends you could be. I always enjoy our conversations...probably because they have mostly to do with vampires. Haha! I LOVE our church, love the people, love Tommy & Donna (they are such a blessing)! We had a lot of fun trapesing through leaves and trees...getting pretty filthy in the process. The kids were great and so incredibly photogenic! Btw, is Donna not GORGEOUS?!?! Here are some of their images. Peace!

I LOVE this shot!!!

I had a bit of fun w/ some heart textures!

Isn't Rebecca GORGEOUS!

More fun w/ the hearts!

One of my favorites!