Ella's 3!!!

My baby girl is 3! It's a little sad but totally happy times at the same time. Ella turned 3 yesterday (the 26th) and we had her big bash today. All of her little friends came...except Zoe, Zeke, & Zara (we missed you guys!). We had a full house! Ella was completely overwhelmed by all the attention she was getting but she is SO STOKED about all of her fabulous birthday presents. Princess dress-up dresses (5), barbies, dolls, clothes, a ton of books, coloring books, playdoh, make-up...plus Jeremy & I re-did her room w/ a big girl bed (no more toddler bed) and my parents got her a table & chairs from Pottery Barn. This was better than Christmas for her! I'm glad I just cleaned out all of her old baby toys because I'm going to need the room for all of this new stuff. My very good friend, Colleen, was kind enough to take my camera and use her dope skills to shoot some photos so that Jeremy & I could enjoy the "Happy Birthday" singing, blowing out of candles, and present opening. Thanks so much Colleen! You are the BEST!!! Here are some photos I took of Ella w/ her cake, the yummy vegan cupcakes I made, and then some of the photos that Colleen captured. Hope you all have a super blessed weekend!

Oh, here's a fabulous picture of my dad. He walked into the living room like this this morning. I have no idea what he was doing but we all thought it was funny. :)



I had the opportunity to shoot Ephraim again recently. I can't believe how much he's changed since our last session. And you know it wouldn't be a naked baby session without a little (or a lot of) pee on mom & dad's bed. :) This was a very relaxed little session and I had a lot of fun editing these. Here are some of my favorite images from Ephraims session. Peace+Love.



Blogging isn't the only thing I'm behind on. To give you an idea of my work load here is what I'm working on this week...2 wedding albums, one bridal coffee table book, 2 senior sessions, 2 e-sessions, and 2 baby sessions. These are all session I have already shot...so this week's sessions will be added to the growing pile. I just haven't had the time to get on-line to blog any of the fun stuff I've been doing this month. I'm hoping to get caught up in the next couple of weeks. Then maybe after I have cooked a few good meals for my family and cleaned my house (poor Jeremy & Ella) I'll be able to catch up on the blogging. :) In the mean time here are a few favorites from Caitlyn's recent senior session. Yes, Caitlyn got bucked off of her horse...yes I shot the whole thing. She wasn't hurt except for some bruising and soreness the next day. Thanks for being such a trooper Caitlyn! Until next time...


Rob Attaway::CD Release

Our very good friend and worship leader at Hillside Christian Church, Rob Attaway, had his CD Release Show last night. I was amazed at the turn out. There were so many people in that sactuary...and they had so much energy! Not to mention that you could feel the Lord moving in that place like crazy. Rob put a lot of blood, sweat, & tears into this album and it's amazing to finally see (and hear) the fruit of his labor. We are all so proud of you Rob! You can pick up a copy of this amazing CD at The Vine (located inside Hillside Christian Church).

I should mention that my fabulous husband played with Rob last night, too. Even though Jeremy plays at church almost every Sunday morning, I haven't had the chance to see him play a concert in a LONG time. So last night was special for me b/c I was able to see Jeremy in his most natural habitat (haha) and also b/c I had the opportunity to shoot a live show (something I haven't done in YEARS). It truly made me miss the old band days...touring, shooting purely for the love of it and not the profit, and watching my sweet hubby through very proud eyes. We had a lot of fun for sure. :) Here are some of my favorite images that I captured last night. You can see A LOT more on my Facebook page (if we're not already friends, add me!). Peace+Love.


Dawson Family

I love working with this sweet family! I have known Keisha & Brennin for a LONG time. I enjoy getting to see them and watch their precious boys grow older. Btw, you guys need a girl in there. ;) Here are some of my favorite images from their session. Enjoy!

Oh, and I have to say THANK YOU to Keisha & Brennin for the check they gave me for my trip to India. I appreciate it more than you could ever know! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!