I've received some hate mail recently regarding my lack of posting. Haha! So I thought I'd share some stuff I'm currently working on. I have been working with textures recently and I think I like it. I messed around with a few images and thought I'd see what you all think. I might just include a few images with this kind of editing in each session. No too much b/c I think they can overwhelm a bit but they sure are a fun change of pace. Let me know what you think! Btw, I will blog more from each of these sessions soon...I promise. :)

Ephraim : Newborn

Trapper : Senior

Brooks : Fam


Berklynn & Tru II

Sorry for the lack of posting! Between traveling, shooting, editing, trying to stay on top of that huge pile of laundry in my hamper, and taking care of my sick baby girl :( ...I have fallen behind on the posting. I thought I could share more from Berklynn & Tru's Home Session so here you go. Enjoy!


Berklynn & Tru

I got the chance to photograph two of the most adorable kiddos on Sunday. Berklynn & Tru are just too cute for words! I think I made a new friend in Berklynn. At the end of our session she wanted me to stay for a snack and a Hannah Montana movie. :) Tru was super fun, too! At one point we were in his adorable cowboy room alone together. He was just so captivated at what I was doing all the while playing with his feet and occasionally sucking on a toe or two...haha. This is why I love Home Sessions. They're so laid back and intimate. I love being able to connect with the kids on a more personal level by having them show me their rooms and even playing for a few minutes before starting the session. Oh, and I totally let Berklynn jump on her bed while I clicked away (sorry Tara!). My job is so much fun!!! Here are just a few "quick edit" images from our fun session. Berklynn has a ton of dolls and was very insistant on having them be a part of her big photo shoot. And I don't know how anyone could resist those big beautiful blue eyes of Tru's. They are to die for! I'll post more from this session in a few days. Shalom.



My website freaked out on me today like it has a mind of it's own. It's a good thing I am getting a new one within the next week! In the mean time I have made a very temporary change to the current site in hopes that it will remain up and running until I have the new bigger & better site up (hopefully by the end of next week). Just wanted to explain the change!

I hate posting without images so here is another one of my favorites from Lydia's Senior Session. This is more of a me shot than it is a client shot.

***It's still freakin. If you are experiencing the same thing and need to get ahold of me just shoot me an email @ lezlieandrewphotography@yahoo.com or call me @ 806.584.7894. Also, I have put an Online Proofing link to the right so everyone can still get to their pictures. I CANNOT wait for the new site!!! Haha...I'm not very patient. ;)


Ella My Bella

Ella & I played with the camera today! She threw on her tutu (and took off her shirt b/c that's the only way to dance in a tutu...or didn't you know?), we cranked up the music, Ella danced, and I clicked away. Then I realized the song she was dancing to was "You Sexy Thing"....hahaha!!! We had fun making funny faces and playing "hide & seek from Mommy's camera", a game Ella is an expert at. It was a good day. :)

My funky monkey...

The rest of these are straight out of the camera b/c I didn't have time to edit them and just wanted to go ahead and throw them on here.

The most used saying in our house these days is "oh my gosh, mama!!!" w/ her hands strategically placed over her eyes. Drama drama drama.

Here are a couple of other fun little shots I got today. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon and these are straight out of the camera...fun fun.


Lydia : Senior

Around 60 degrees, partly cloudy, slightly windy...that's what the weather was supposed to be like yesterday. Ok, so it was super nice right up until I met Lydia at Starbucks to start her session. Any other day and any other session I totally would have just adapted and been like totally fine with the way the weather turned out (cold, super overcast, & uber windy). However, Lydia's session wasn't just "any" session. We have been planning this for like a year. The things we wanted to do yesterday involved...well, sun. Sooooo we shot what we could, Lydia froze, and we're going out sometime this week to get our super fun sunny shots. :) Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday. Stay tuned for images from our next attempt. Shalom (that's for you Colleen).

I feel like I wore out some of my "normal" locations (e.g. the infamous green wall) so I found some new ones. :) LOVE this wall!

Lydia's movements are always so delicate and feminine. I just really love the way her hands look here.

Skinny jeans and heals look FABULOUS on this girl!

It was really windy but I love the movement in her hair in this image.


After thoughts

I have ALOT of phone calls, emails, and msgs to return! Please be patient with me...I will get back to you all. I have been trying to do whatever I can this week for the Thomas family and made a whirlwind trip to Dallas today to attend sweet Lilly's funeral. What a beautiful funeral! There were SO MANY people there...standing room only and a lot of people standing at that. The chapel, grave site, and the Thomas' home were all flooded with flowers. I know that they are so very grateful for this outpouring of love and support from everyone...even those they have never met. All of your prayers have been felt and are continually appreciated by Richard & Jennifer as well as their family and friends. Richard & Jennifer will be needing our prayers for a long time so I petition you all to keep them on your prayer lists and to not forget about this precious family as you go on with your lives and they are left to attempt to go on with their life without their Lilly.

I would also like to thank all of you who have commented on the photos I took of Lilly. I never imagined that my work would impact people they way Lilly's photos have. I'm a little overwhelmed, embarrassed, and undeserving (as I feel that it was God's doing and not my own that they have these images) by all of your comments. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to capture Lilly's fun spirit, beauty, and her sweet innocence just weeks before her passing. In the short hour I spent with this lively little girl I was so touched by her and her parents. I will never forget this experience. I take it for all that it is...the joy and the sorrow. As I was reminded by my dear friend, Ashley, today "my heart will choose to say blessed be Your name."


Precious Baby Lilly

I had the privilege of spending one lovely hour with precious Lilly and was touched by her beauty and her sweet innocent spirit. I sit here with my eyes so filled with tears that I can't see my computer screen. My heart is heavy and my eyes are swollen but I cannot begin to fathom what Lilly's Mommy & Daddy are feeling right now...what it would be like to lose my little girl. My heart is broken for Jennifer & Richard and they will forever be in my prayers. Thank you Lord for giving Lilly to the world and letting her touch our lives and hearts. Please pray with me today for Lilly's family...Mommy & Daddy, her sweet Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, and her precious baby cousin Bennett. As I'm not very good with words, I'll leave you with these...


I Do : Rings

I've had a bit of a break from shooting but have filled my time with lots and LOTS of bridal consultations and some design work. I'm excited about all of the clients I'm getting to work with this year! Some of my favorite images from weddings are ring shots. I'm not sure why I just really have fun playing with these. I'm always looking for different ways to display the couples rings. Keep your eye out for these shots in all of my upcoming weddings. In the mean time here are some of my favorites from a few 2007 weddings.