My website freaked out on me today like it has a mind of it's own. It's a good thing I am getting a new one within the next week! In the mean time I have made a very temporary change to the current site in hopes that it will remain up and running until I have the new bigger & better site up (hopefully by the end of next week). Just wanted to explain the change!

I hate posting without images so here is another one of my favorites from Lydia's Senior Session. This is more of a me shot than it is a client shot.

***It's still freakin. If you are experiencing the same thing and need to get ahold of me just shoot me an email @ lezlieandrewphotography@yahoo.com or call me @ 806.584.7894. Also, I have put an Online Proofing link to the right so everyone can still get to their pictures. I CANNOT wait for the new site!!! Haha...I'm not very patient. ;)

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