Vintage Film

I was messing around in photoshop this morning & thought I'd post a couple of pictures of Ella. I really like these a lot...they're so very vintage! On these photos I used an action called SX-70 and added some film grain to give them an aged look. Some of you probably took photographs with SX-70 film back in the day. It's a super rad Polaroid film that has been discontinued. But, oh the power of digital! Now with a little tweeking in photoshop....it's back. Have a fabulous weekend & let me know what you think!


Senior Portrait

I know I already posted images of Brooke's senior portrait session, but I got a new toy! I got some cool accessories for Photoshop for my birthday. I decided to work on some of the final edits on Brooke's session using my new actions and they are rad! Let me know what you think. Peace!


Black & White

I started taking photographs long before everything was taken over by digital. I'm not that old...I've just been shooting since I can remember. My first pro camera was a 35mm. I used to shoot everything with b&w film, too. Film black & whites are just so beautiful to me. If you've ever had the chance to see Ansel Adams' work you'll understand what I'm talking about. Digital black & white is totally different believe it or not. I definately don't like it as much but we live in a digital world now so I guess I have to adapt. The coolest thing about digital though is Photoshop. I usually don't like to over-process anything in Photoshop but I really like what I got out of it today. Let me know what you think. Also, my art images are always available for purchase. If you see something you are interested in just shoot me an email for printing options & pricing. Peace!


Here are a few more images from Gene & Retha's house on my birthday. If you look around their property you can find some great stuff. I love anything that's wearing a little rust. Enjoy!

My Birthday

I got to spend my birthday with Jeremy's family, who I love dearly! They cooked hamburgers (and turkeyburgers I might add) out on the grill, got me a Great American Cookie Co. cookie-cake, and gave me birthday money. I get to go shopping for some new clothes & camera gear!!! Here are a few pictures from our day. We were only outside for like 10 minutes before stormy weather started rolling in. In that 10 minutes I got some shots of Ella with her Grandmommy and Ella playing on the trampoline with her Aunt Riley. She had a blast...I've never seen her get so excited. Thanks everyone for making my day so special!


The Kids

Courtney's kiddos, Zoe & Zeke, came over for a couple of hours the other day to play. I shot a couple of cute images of Zeke. He has such a personality...and he is a total boy! Poor Ella gets knocked around by him quite a bit but it's because he likes her. He just gets so excited he can't keep his hands off of her. It's really very funny! The last image is of Ella standing in one of my dresser drawers. I think she thought she was going to get into trouble when I walked in and caught her because she immediately started playing peek a boo. I've noticed her doing that when she's trying to distract me from something like cleaning her face off after eating, changing her diaper, or getting on to her because she's climbing on top of the coffee table. It was so cute I just had to grab my camera. I'm sad to say that the drawer couldn't hold my chunky monkey's weight because it totally broke! Oops...I guess I can't let her do that anymore. At least I got one cute photo out of it. Enjoy!

Oh...since it's 1:00 in the a.m. I guess you could say it's officially my birthday. Yep...I'm 25!


Senior Portrait

I did an outdoor senior portrait session last Sunday with Brooke. We went to various locations downtown & shot for over 2 hours! I had a lot of fun with this session. I even got some shots of her & her mom together. They have a really cool relationship & were a lot of fun to shoot. Shanna (Brooke's mom) is really gorgeous. I'd love to photograph her by herself sometime. Anyway, Brooke is super cute & has a great personality. I had a great time with them! I hope you enjoy the images. Peace.



Courtney & I headed out earlier this evening to shoot around town. We had a lot of fun & shot a ton of images! Here are a few of my favorites. I might try to post some more at a later date. I hope you enjoy these. Peace.


I enjoy taking photographs regardless of who they are for or what they are of. However, I would go insane if I only shot for other people and never for myself. Here are a few images I got in my backyard today. I love it when the trees are blooming! These images are like a breath of fresh air to me. I absolutely love them! I hope you'll enjoy them too. Peace.

I just thought I would add that the sun in this photo is not a result of Photoshop. This is straight out of my camera. I love it!



I went out last Saturday with Dayly & Lydia to shoot some images for my portfolio. It was a fairly difficult shoot because the wind was blowing like crazy! Dayly & Lydia were great sports and I appreciate them "modeling" for me. I'd love to go out and do it again soon...maybe on a less windy day! I hope everyone enjoys these images. You will be able to see a couple of them in my portfolio soon. Peace.



Here are more images from Montana & Renna's wedding. Enjoy!



Courtney & I shot our first wedding as a team last night. We had so much fun but I am exhausted! After the wedding we dumped all of the pictures on my new Mac. ;) We took over 1600 frames!!! Jeremy was afraid my computer was going to crash...but it's all good. I'm very pleased with the way everything turned out. Here are a few of the shots I got. Be sure to check out Courtney's blog in a couple of days to see some of her images. Peace!



Now that the weather is getting nice I have started getting pretty busy. I took some time, though, to shoot my sweet Ella Bella this afternoon. I shot quite a few photos of her feet...I love those chubby things! Here are a few of my favorites from this afternoon. Peace.

Courtney & I will be shooting our first wedding as a team on Friday. So check back next week to see images from the event.