Thomas & Jenny

Thomas & Jenny were kind enough to allow me the privilege of shooting their wedding last night. My friend Brett sang Leeland's "Beautiful Lord" and it sounded so amazing! Thomas & Jenny are such a cute couple and you can tell they are deeply in love. Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding. I really liked their cake topper...very vintage! I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day. Shalom.


My Calendar

I just wanted to let everyone in Dallas/Ft.Worth know that I will be in your area soon with several session times still available. The dates are May 30th-June 4th and June 14th-18th. If you're interested in scheduling a session shoot me an email (lezlieandrewphotography@yahoo.com) or phone call (806.584.7894) for availability. I'll leave you with a couple of photos I recently shot of my gorgeous husband, Jeremy, and silly daughter, Ella. Ella insisted on putting all of her bows on her head at the same time. I of course was fine with this knowing it would lead to a super cute photo. Btw, Jeremy & I will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary tomorrow!


Kim & Tara

I assisted Vondel & Becky at Kim & Tara's wedding last Saturday. I did more assisting than shooting but had a lot of fun and still got some really great shots. Kim is from Sweden, where he & Tara got married the week before. They came back to the states for their blessing ceremony and reception. They are a super sweet couple & were happy to kiss "for the camera" A LOT. ;) Here are a couple of detail shots & some of my favorites. Peace.



I took these this afternoon while Ella & I were playing outside. The sky is so blue today and the clouds look gorgeous. God is the most fabulous artist there ever was! He is simply awesome. Shalom.

Btw, for all you photogs out there, the sun in these images is not the product of Photoshop. No lens flare or filters were added...just a little bit of color correction and added contrast. The black & white one was taken w/ my camera set to "red filter b&w" and the last one was taken with my in-camera sepia tone set on low.


Montana & Rena

I've been cleaning out my computer & archiving photos from past events. I thought I'd share some photos of Montana & Rena's wedding that I didn't share in their original post (see March archive). My next wedding is on Saturday & I hope to have those images up by Monday. Until then...


The Zoo

I know I haven't been posting very much lately! I have been super busy with projects (website, albums, etc...) & personal stuff (redecorating my house, spending time with my husband and daughter, and catching up on some much needed sleep). I will try to post photos from recent sessions soon. In the mean time here are a bunch of images from the Ft. Worth zoo. Enjoy!

This monkey was super funny! Here he is playing dead.

These flamingos were fighting...flamingos stink really bad, btw.

I couldn't figure out why the water was green.

Ella was throwing her goldfish to the squirrel. Here he is eating one.

The lion was our favorite. He stood up and started roaring. Ella couldn't believe it...her jaw was dropped the whole time. This went on for several minutes. He was really loud...it was super cool!

Finally, here are a couple of silly shots of Ella & I.