The Zoo

I know I haven't been posting very much lately! I have been super busy with projects (website, albums, etc...) & personal stuff (redecorating my house, spending time with my husband and daughter, and catching up on some much needed sleep). I will try to post photos from recent sessions soon. In the mean time here are a bunch of images from the Ft. Worth zoo. Enjoy!

This monkey was super funny! Here he is playing dead.

These flamingos were fighting...flamingos stink really bad, btw.

I couldn't figure out why the water was green.

Ella was throwing her goldfish to the squirrel. Here he is eating one.

The lion was our favorite. He stood up and started roaring. Ella couldn't believe it...her jaw was dropped the whole time. This went on for several minutes. He was really loud...it was super cool!

Finally, here are a couple of silly shots of Ella & I.


Anonymous said...

These are so funy Lezlie. I'm glad you let us know about the smelly animail. LOL. I like the b&w of you two. Super sweet. I hope to call you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I have spelling problems apparently....oops.

LezlieAndrewPhotography said...

Lol...no worries. I can't spell half the time either. I have to double & triple check everything I type so that I don't appear to be a raging idiot. =)

Heather S. said...

Great pictures of the zoo! I needed the laugh today and it looked like yall had had a blast! I am so glad you are getting rest.