You might remember Kendall & Tiffany from this summer. Well meet Keenan, Kendall's little brother. I know I've said this before but I always feel very blessed when a family keeps coming back for all of their photography needs. ;) I had fun w/ Keenan & his mom, Dorla. I love it when my clients are up for just about anything...say like climbing on mom's car to climb onto an iffy fire escape in the middle of an alley downtown. Haha...like I said we had a lot of fun! Here are some of my favorites from Keenan's session. I love the Bible pics, btw. Hope everyone is having a super blessed Sunday. I'm home with a slightly ill little one today. :(


Holiday Ordering Deadlines

Here are the holiday ordering deadlines:

-Holiday Card orders must be placed no later than December 1st.*

-Print orders must be placed by December 15th for normal shipping and December 19th for expedited shipping.*

-At this point album orders can not be guaranteed for holiday shipping.

*Of course waiting this long is pushing it so the earlier the better!



There is much I could say about Kevin & Lara (so I'll make it short). They have been such a blessing in my life...and my marriage. We have known Kevin & Lara for 7 or so years now. Well, I've actually known Kevin much longer...we played in the youth band together WAY back in the day. So in 2001 Jeremy started playing in a band called Nevaeh...Kevin was the drummer. Jeremy & Kevin became great friends, as did Lara & I. We enjoyed traveling the country with them, hosting countless bands at our homes, and eating many MANY early morning meals at IHOP after shows. Lara & I always had the pleasure of selling merch to teeny-boppers while they hit on our husbands...the hot band-members. Haha...good times!

Kevin & Lara decided to wait longer than the rest of us old married couples to start their family. It's hard to believe that they will *finally* be welcoming their first child into the world. Abigail is so blessed to have such solidly grounded and spiritual parents. I can't wait to meet this precious baby girl! Here are my favorites from Lara's maternity session. Oh, and thanks Kevin for being my assistant while you weren't in front of the camera!


Polster Family

Umm, can you say GORGEOUS?!? Because that's what these kids are! I have to say this was one of the easiest family sessions I've ever had. I don't know what it was but the session was just so chill. We had fun sitting (well I was actually lying on my stomach) in the middle of the street and playing in stranger's yards...haha. I had so many faves from this session it was hard not to post ALL of them.

On a side note: I have tendonitis in my shoulder...yuck. :( It's a good thing I cut off sessions at a certain point because I really need to let my arm rest. Not to mention I will be getting to know my chiropractor very well over the next several weeks. Hopefully after some therapy and much needed rest I will be good as new after the holidays.


Macon Family

The members of the Macon family have become great friends and a permanent fixture on this blog. I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the uber cute Aden a number of times as well as Josh & Amanda's fabulous wedding this last June. I have so enjoyed watching Aden grow and being able to be a part (all be it a small part but a part non the less) of this family's special events over the last year and a half. I feel so blessed by my job...having such sweet people invite me into their lives not once or twice but several times. Sorry for all of the sappy lovely dovely stuff but I really do feel blessed! Here are a few of my favorite images from the latest Macon Family session. I can't wait to work with them again...hopefully shooting Josh & Amanda's first baby (you guys need to get on that!). ;) Peace+Love.



Our Women's Fall Dinner at church was on Thursday and my friends & I got to decorate our own little table. It was so much fun...I enjoy my friends so much! We decided to do little framed pictures as "place-cards" so when we got together on Tuesday evening we got to shooting. We ended up having a little too much fun (there are pictures that I can not show you..haha)! Here are the ones that ended up on the table. We're a silly bunch!



There was a woman at my precinct this morning who was very very unhappy about having to vote electronically (our precinct doesn't do paper ballots) because she doesn't trust computers. She was completely freaked out and very vocal about this. It made me laugh. Paranoid much??? And then the woman "in charge" nearly tackled a another woman who was on her cell phone. Voting was very entertaining for me this morning! ;)

Did you vote?

I'm just excited about not having to see any more political ads after today. You know if John McCain is elected we're going to be hearing a lot more about Joe the Plumber though. I hear a lot of people are vowing to move to Canada if "so and so" is elected (I've heard this about both candidates). I actually know of someone who isn't happy with the direction the government is leading this country so he already made the move to Canada. Funny thing about that is that he flew back to America to vote! Is that stupid to anyone else. I mean he chose not to live here yet he feels he's entitled to vote in the country in which he left. Hmm. Anyway, lots of randomness today. I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day and GO VOTE if you haven't already!


Snow White, Optimus Prime, & Little Miss Bumble Bee

Ella & I celebrated Halloween in Dallas so that she could go trick-or-treating with her cousins, Wills & Evie. The kids had so much fun last week and I got so many precious photos (I'll share more from our trip soon). This is the first time any of the kids have gone trick-or-treating and they had an absolute blast! Not to mention they were the cutest trick-or-treaters EVER. William was the transformer, Optimus Prime, and he got really into character. Ella was Snow White and of course sang her little Snow White heart out the entire time. Evie was so precious in her little bumble bee costume. She was so quite but seemed to have a good time. ;) Here are a few photos from our little trick-or-treating adventure. I'll post more images from our trip soon (complete w/ tutu's, silly-face photos of the whole family, and my Grandparent's 56th wedding anniversary part).

Don't forget to get out and rock your VOTE tomorrow!!!

My brother in law, David, carved pumpkins for us. I thought they turned out very good.

I did the face on this one. I know I'm awesome...haha.

My brother, Chad, did this one and I think it was everyone's favorite.

Snow White...with attitude.

Their first door. Chip & Beth are my parent's neighbors and William & Evie's bestest friends in the whole world. They were so sweet to give the kids their own special treats. Wills got some chips, Ella some iced animal cookies, and Evie some fig newtons (the same special treats they ask for every time they go over for a visit).