I am going to India!!! And I need your support...financially and through prayer. Here is a copy of my support letter for this trip (pass it on to everyone you know!):

Dear Family & Friends,

I'm excited!! This coming January I plan to participate in a very challenging ministry. Hillside Christian Church (mine & Jeremy's church-home in Amarillo) has given me the opportunity to travel to India, January 15-27 to experience mission work firsthand. It is a ministry of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, uplifting and supporting dedicated missionaries, accelerating spiritual growth and above all providing an opportunity to allow God to direct my life. I will be participating as the church's official photographer for this trip!

As part of being a short-term missionary, I will need to raise my own support. This is where you can play a significant part through your giving of money, and more important, your continuous prayers. I will need a total of $2750. The trip cost covers air travel abroad, surface travel abroad, work projects, meals, lodging and literature. It is important that you make your check payable to Hillside Christian Church and not to me. Checks should be sent to me for my records and I will deliver them to Hillside.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter of finances. Please consider praying for me on a daily basis, as I strive to fulfill my commitment to seek and save the lost in another part of the world. I know that God works through His people, and that only with His help can any lasting results occur. Pray specifically that our Father gives me eyes to see His people the way that He does. Thank you so much!!!

Lezlie Andrew

Your check may be mailed to the following (remember to make it out to Hillside Christian Church):
Lezlie Andrew
1205 S. Florida
Amarillo, Texas 79102

P.S. I am trying to make sure I have someone committed to pray for me each day of my trip. If you are willing to lift me up in prayer on one of these days please let me know.

You have no idea how much your support means to me...and every little bit helps! I plan to update you all as I prepare for this exciting trip on this blog. So check back often! Here is a breakdown of my payment schedule:

09/01 $750 Deposit Due
10/06 $750 Payment
12/01 $750 Payment
01/05 $500 Balance


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Stevi Savage said...

Lezlie that is so awesome. I will totally be praying that you raise your support by all the deadlines. I got to go to India last November to shoot for an organization and it was an incredible experience. Can't wait to see your photos. Do you know where you will be? Your pics are so inspiring by the way. Just landed on your blog and love it! Hope you have had a nice week of relaxing and reading and getting your sanity back!