Wow! What a weekend I've had. I've been busy editing James & Lori's images from Saturday and Baby Tevyn's from Sunday morning. I still have A LOT of packing to do. We move in just 8 days...major! Here are some of Tevyn's images. I'll post some of the wedding photos soon. I got my SHOOTSAC, btw...yippie! Have a fabulous week. Peace.


Heather said...

WOW...Beautiful wedding photo. Cute, cute, cute, baby pics.

Jane said...

We're not completely packed yet... we need more boxes. We close on monday and we are also going to start moving our stuff in that day too. David is taking tuesday off so we wil be all moved in by tuesday. I'm so excited. I'm just stressed about the apartment stuff because we have to pay up until september 7th... and it's like $00-something. And then we're afraid the'll ask for use to repair any damages the dogs did even tho we paid a pet deposit.(Lola chewed some of the molding in the bathroom.) So yeah... i'm just a little stressed. BUT... I finished the new Harry Potter book and that makes me happy! It was MAJOR!!!(as posh spice would put it!)Love love love it!!! Anyway... I miss you and will see you soon. Oh and Hannah Williams/Morris wants to know the next time you'll be in town. I plugged you at her baby shower and she said she has seen your pictures and they are amazing. So I told her I would ask when you would be in town next... let me know.