Need 2 Know Info

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are all doing extremely well...hopefully lounging poolside or something equally fun/relaxing. ;) This is just a quick note to let you all know that I will be in Tennessee & North Carolina from Sunday June 22nd thru Monday June 30th. I will still be able to check my email and phone msgs; however, my response(s) might come a little slower than usual. With that said, if you need to place orders (etc) get it done this week if possible to insure timely service. Thanks for your understanding!

Also, I have been overwhelmed with requests to do sessions in June. Unfortunately (or fortunately...however you wanna look at it) I am completely booked in June. Take a look at the Calendar section on my website to see my summer hours and shoot me an email from there to check availability. Keep in mind, as well, that people are already getting their sessions booked for Fall. So if you are wanting family sessions for Christmas cards/gifts then if might be a good idea to go ahead and book your session. That goes for you 2009 Seniors, too. Don't miss out!

Sorry for not posting any new images with this entry! I have been buried in Bridals this week and can't show those to you until after the weddings. ;) I will share Katie's head-shots w/ you in the next couple of days. Until then, have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's Day! Peace+Love.


dustin & colleen said...

Hey Lezlie! I just thought I'd see if ya'll were still planning a trip to Corpus? Our moving day is July 5th and I'll probably start back to school about mid-August, so anytime between then would probably be great! Let me know if you're still wanting to come down, our pad is always available! :)

Christopher said...

Life in the fast lane. Better than being so slow you wonder what you are going to do today.