My Lovely Family

I'm home! After 2 weeks of too much turkey & pecan pie, 1000+ pictures shot of the same 3 children, 1 trip to see Santa Clause, a few too many throw-downs between cousins, not enough editing accomplished, and 1 trip to Rapid-Med....I'm home!!! Lol...ok it wasn't as bad as it sounds. In fact it wasn't bad at all. I LOVE my family and LOVE staying with them. I was so sad to go. I was definately ready to get home to my husband though!

The best part of our trip had to be the very last day we were there. Ella & I were ready to leave at 10a.m. on Friday morning. We got about 20 minutes out when I decided to turn around to take Ella to the doctor. Here's the story. At about 8:00 that morning Ella picked up a Thomas sippy cup...William's Thomas sippy cup. Ella was showing me that it was in fact Thomas when all of a sudden Wills lept across the table to take back what was rightfully his. At some point during that fateful leap he managed to scratch Ella's cornea. LOL. Ok, I know it's not funny but she's totally fine. Apparently that is really painful so the doctor gave Ella some strong pain meds and eye ointment and we were again on our way home...at 3:00p.m. My mom and I had a good laugh as I was loaded Ella in the car one last time b/c Ella became very loopy and was looking at my mom saying, "hee-lllooo-ooo". Then she spent the first 2 hours of the ride home playing with the tag on her blankie. And I swear she slept with her eyes open at one point, too. When we got home at about 8pm (oh yeah...I totally cried myself out of a ticket, too) I found a spotless house, a bouquet of flowers, and my husband who I love dearly waiting for me! True story.

Here are some pictures I took of my family on Thanksgiving. Peace.

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Heather said...

I hope yall had a great time besides Miss Ella having some trouble. I missed you girls! The pictures are great. Hope to talk to you soon!