I heart Sharp's Motorsports

I don't normally post things about my personal life in much detail or go very deep here on my blog. There's really not a reason for this other than I hardly have enough time to post sessions and events let alone the book I could write regarding my life as a wife, mother, believer, dork, etc. I felt that this post was needed though...so here goes! :)

As you all know, Jeremy has left Sharp's. I think that I may have hurt a feeling or two by the way I worded something in my last post regarding his departure. When I said "Can I get a Hallelujah?", it had nothing to do w/ Sharp's or the people there. Jeremy worked there for 6+ years and was shown extreme favor by Rick, Keevin, and Alvin. To say that Jeremy was blessed in that place and by that place would be an understatement. His leaving was on very good terms and we hope to continue the relationships that were built over the years with everyone there. We are so excited about Jeremy's departure b/c we know that it is in God's plan for our lives (we spent months praying and seeking about this). Another huge reason is that Jeremy has never really stepped out in total and complete faith knowing that our precious Lord is going to take care of him and his family. Please know that I am not speaking for Jeremy by saying this...he would be the first to tell you this (plus he knows I'm writing this post). ;) Jeremy was so terrified of leaving Sharp's before having another job to go right into that he put off putting in his two weeks for months. I remember the first time the people in our church life group voiced that they thought Jeremy should step out in faith and quit...it was like 12 or more weeks ago. Like I said, we have been praying and seeking the Lord in this for a long time! So I can not tell you how amazing, exciting, stellar, rad it is to see my husband take that leap of faith and put complete and total trust in the Lord!

With all of that said, I hope I didn't offend anyone that works or shops at Sharp's (and I'm deeply sorry if I did). I'm just so excited about the unknown. I can not wait to see where the Lord places Jeremy next and the level at which He propels him spiritually! These are exciting times and we are growing so much in the Lord right now not to mention this has been great for our marriage!

Jeremy does not have a job right now nor does he have one 100% lined up. However, there is a job/place he is talking to and hoping for. In the mean time he is taking some much need time off. We are also going to take a couple of small family roadtrips, learn how to live on a budget, and I'm gonna be his sugar momma...lol. :) Funny story: we paid for Sonic drinks the other day w/ the spare change that we dug out of my purse, car, and Jeremy's pockets (I didn't want to pay $2-something w/ my debit card) and had a good laugh about how we did that when we were first married. Seriously, we didn't eat unless we had spare change hanging around b/c we were stupid with our money and new-found "freedom" in being grown-ups (which just meant that our bank account was almost always at zero or in the negative). I should probably mention that we got married very young (I was 19) so we didn't have any life experience to know better. We were just stupid kids...haha! :)

See, I told you I could write a book about my life! Keep us in your prayers and refer ALL of your friends and family members to us for their photography and graphic design needs...hehe. ;) Peace+Love!


dustin and colleen said...

I have a few friends that I'll ask about a session, maybe then ya'll could take a family roadtrip down here! Sounds fun! I'll let you know what I find out, any particular dates that would work best for you?? Talk to you later!

Anonymous said...

Kid will be OK because he is such a great guy and has a great wife and kid by his side to support him