Colleen & Dustin : Album

Albums...they can be completely overwhelming for a photographer and couple. I was less than impressed with some of the leading wedding album companies, not b/c of their products, but mainly because there are TOO MANY choices and crap to figure out in the whole album process. There are so many cover options, sides, imprinting, sizes, flush mount, matted?!?!?! Do I offer all of that to my clients or just give them a hand full of options?!?!? And then comes calculating my cost which requires a lot of adding on the calculator and a few phone calls and/or emails to a rep to make sure I'm doing it right. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Now, obviously, these companies have a lot of photographers who love them otherwise they wouldn't be the "leading" album companies. I'm a girl of simplicity though. The easier it is on me the easier I can make it on my clients.

So, when I read about KISS on another photographer's blog I had to check them out. They have made the album ordering process a breeze! I placed my order for Colleen & Dustin's wedding album about a week ago, outsourcing the design to DoodleDo. I was able to do everything on the KISS website with just one click...album design, printing, and binding. I picked the size (10x10), number of spreads (20), the color (Forbidden Green!), uploaded the images, the fabulous designers at DoodleDo called me the next morning to chat about the design, and in like 3 days we had our first design to approve. One minor image change and the design is ready for print and bind. No guessing, no mystery, just STELLAR service and peace of mind.

Click here to see Colleen & Dustin's wedding album design. I can't wait to see the finished product...it's going to look fabulous! I'll take a few pictures and post the images once I get it in the studio. Peace + Love.

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